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REVEALED : Effective and sustainable fat loss for women.

The aim of this ebook is to show you how I have helped 100's of my clients lose excess body fat and maintain their ideal body composition whilst saying goodbye to outdated, unhelpful, and restrictive health, fitness and nutrition advice and how you can do the same.


I will explain how your menstrual cycle, the menopause and conditions such as PCOS could be hampering your fat loss progress and how you should train and eat in order to work with your body rather than against it.


  • I will explain how its possible to enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverages, eat your favourite foods and lose body fat at the same time. And once you learn the essential body fat reduction principles and you wont ever have to go on another boring and restrictive diet again… winner winner you can have whatever you fancy from now on guilt free for dinner.

  • I will explain why its a waste of time worrying about how many meals you eat in a day and / or what time of day you should eat your meals. 




  • I will explain why contrary to popular belief all women should be doing some kind of resistance training and I will explain why you shouldn't be spending 100 years on the treadmill or cross trainer each gym visit if body fat reduction is your goal.

  • I will explain the training principles that you need to know when planning and progressing your training program. 



  • I will explain how you can enjoy an active and enjoyable social life and still lose body fat... no more making excuses for why you can’t go out on the weekend or making excuses to miss your friends birthday lunch because you are worried about un-doing your progress. 

  • I will explain why your bathroom scales might not be the best indicator of whether or not you are actually losing body fat and what metrics you should be using to measure your progress.​​



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